How to Create an Email Account Forwarder

This is guide on how to create an email account forwarder in cPanel.

Email Account Forwarders are assigned as one forwarder per email account. You can create multiple forwarders, but you have to do them individually.

Login to your cPanel account.
On search box, you can search Forwarders.

At Forwarders page, click on Add Forwarder.

Next, type email address username on Address to Forward and select the domain from the drop-down box.

Next, for the destination option, type the full email address that you want to forward emails to in the text box.

You can add multiple email addresses to your forwarder separated by commas.

To proceed you can click on Add Forwarder.

Congratulations, the email forwarder was created in the cPanel mail forwarders section.

Updated on: 16/11/2023

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