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How To Optimize Website Using cPanel's Optimize Tool?

How To Optimize Website Using cPanel's Optimize Tool?

In this tutorial, we will show you how to use the cPanel’s implemented Optimize Website feature.
It allows you to compress certain types of files to enhance your website’s performance.

You’ll need the following before beginning this tutorial :

Access to your cPanel
mod_deflate Apache module enabled

Login into your cPanel and access the Optimize Website tool.

You need to log in to your cPanel. Then, you can either use the cPanel’s search feature or manually find the Optimize Website tool:

After entering the tool’s page, you should see this window:

Refer to the image above and follow the instructions below:

Here, you can choose the compression option:

Disabled will simply disable this feature and will not perform any compression action.
Compress All Content will compress all the content of your website.
Compress the specified MIME types will let you choose what kind of content will be compressed.

The MIME types field allows you to specify what kind of files/content will be compressed. Enter the space-separated list of the content that you wish to compress.

After making your choice, click on Update Settings to apply the settings you have made. You should see this confirmation message after doing that:

Congratulations, you have enabled cPanel’s Optimize Website feature for your website.
Note: Do not add image types in the field, for example, .jpg or .png. These types are already compressed by default.

Updated on: 20/06/2022

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