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How to Setup a Cron Job

Caution: It is strongly recommended to consult with your Web Developer or Hosting Administrator before setting up a Cron Job.

Access your cPanel account.

Use the search bar to locate the Cron Job option.

Specify the email address where you wish to receive notifications once the Cron Job is activated.

In the Common Settings section, choose the time for receiving notifications when the command is executed.

In the Command section, you need to write the command that will execute when Cron Job is activate. After that, Scroll down to locate the Add New Cron Job option and click on it.

Warning : Consult your Web Developer before executing any commands. Ensure that the command is accurate to prevent any potential harm to your website.

As illustrated in the image, the Cron Job is now activated.

You can modify or remove the Cron Job if changes to the settings are required.

You have completed the configuration of the Cron Job.

Updated on: 14/11/2023

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