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How To Synchronize SmarterMail Calendar with a SmartPhone (Android)?

You will need to download an application that supports CalDAV Synchronization from the Play Store. You can use paid apps such as DAVx5 - CalDAV & CardDAV Sync Client. In this guideline, we use OpenSync.

You need to log in into your email account using your Internet browser in order to retrieve your Calendar "CalDAV URL". Then, click on the Calendar tab and Calendar section on the left side of the page.

Copy the CalDAV Link and save it. You will use this link in the next steps for synchronizing your Calendar.

Install OpenSync App on Google Play Store. Then, open the app and click the + button

Choose the Login with URL and username. Fill up the below details. Then, click Login.

Base URL: Enter the CalDAV URL that you have copied before
User name: Enter your email address
Password: Enter your email password

Click Create Account.

Click the account that has been created.

On the CalDAV section, click the Calendar.

After that, click on the refresh button on the top of the app to synchronize the SmarterMail calendar.

After the synchronize process has been completed, you can close the app and open your default Calendar app. You can see the calendar event has been synchronized with the SmarterMail calendar.

Congratulations! You have successfully synchronized the SmarterMail calendar with Android SmartPhone.
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Updated on: 21/06/2022

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