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How To Use The cPanel Backup Tool?

The Backup area allows you to download the daily, weekly, or monthly backup file of your entire website, or a particular MySQL. If your computer crashes, or your personal backups are destroyed, these files allow you to recover your site in a convenient manner. How often a backup is created is decided by your web host. Contact your hosting administrator for more details.

Important: You should keep your own backup copy of your website as well. Do not rely solely on the backup provided by your website hosting. Having multiple backups in different locations provides security against permanently losing information.

In the search bar, search for Backup .

To download a full backup, you need to click the Download a Full Account Backup on the backup page.

Note: A complete web site backup file includes everything - from web pages to images to scripts to access logs. A large site will have a large backup file, and will take some time to download.

To download an account backups, you need to select an account backup date to download and click Download .

To download a home directory backup, go to Partial Backups and click the Home Directory button.

Click on the link underneath the required area to download an SQL. Refer to generating a backup if you need to generate a backup first before downloading it.

Save the file to disk.

Updated on: 07/11/2023

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