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Manage Your Dedicated Server Through Your Client Area

This guide is how to manage your dedicated server through your Client Area:

Access and log in to our Client Area at:

Click on Services.

Click on the Product/Service area.

There are seven different buttons on Service Actions which is Start, Stop, Reset, Enable Rescue Mode, KVM Java Console, noVNC KVM Console, Log In To Panel.
Start: Button that used to start your server.
Stop: Button that is used to stop the server when it is turned on.
Reset: Button that is used to reset your server.
Enable Rescue Mode: Button that is used to regain access to your server.
KVM Java Console: Button that is used to remote console access with KVM Java Console technology.
noVNC KVM Console: Button that is used to remote console access with noVNC KVM Console technology.
Log In To Panel: Button that is used to accessing control panel server.

You can Addons product/service by click on Click here to view & order.

To cancel your Dedicated server, you can click on Request Cancellation.

There are Device Statistics that shows graph. Here you will find Aggregate Traffic graph that shows Total In and Total Out values.

If you scroll down below you will find the Ping Response graph.

Below the Ping Response graph , you will find Status graph.

If you want to add ISO Images at your Dedicated server, click on Add ISO Image.

If you want to rebuild your Dedicated server after install desire OS, click on Rebuild Server.

Updated on: 30/08/2023

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