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Managing MySQL Databases with PHPMyAdmin

Warning : Modifying phpMyAdmin without careful handling could potentially disrupt your website. It's advisable to consult with your web developer before making any changes in phpMyAdmin.

Login to cPanel.

Initiate a search by using the search bar for phpMyAdmin .

You have successfully access to the phpMyAdmin page.

Navigate to the Import tab, as indicated in the provided image, in order to import data into your database. Click on the Browse File option to locate the data you wish to insert into the database.

Tips : Make sure the data is in the SQL format

Continuing down the page, you'll discover an Import button. Click this button, and your data will be imported into the database.

Locate the Export tab, as illustrated below, where you can export or download your data to your computer. Simply select the desired database, go to the Export tab, and click the Export button.

In the phpMyAdmin, you also can create a new table to develop a new function in your website.

In the image provided below, you have the option to perform actions for managing your table.

Warning : Managing your database with caution to avoid file disruption

You already finish the basic knowledge to managing MySQL databases

Updated on: 08/11/2023

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