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Why the control panel for my site cannot be accessed ?

Problem: The client has made multiple login attempts to the control panel and those attempts have failed. After those failures, neither the control panel nor any other function can be accessed, including accessing the site via HTTP.

Resolution: The failed login attempts have triggered the firewall, which has blocked the client IP as it has detected what it believes to be a break in attempt. Please visit to gather information on what the public IP address is of the system from which you are connecting, and then contact support with that information so, the IP can be delisted to re-enable access. If a control panel password reset is also required, that request can be made at the same time.

Problem: The password for the control panel was changed, but the new password does not allow access.

Resolution: Control panel passwords are limited to 15 characters, and passwords are case-sensitive. If a password was created with more than 15 characters, using the first 15 characters will allow access. Passwords must be entered exactly as they were created to allow access.

Problem: Port 2082 is not available from the client location due to a firewall or router blocking access.

Resolution: Port 2082 must allow outbound connections from the client location. Refer to the IT/IS administrator or the manual for user-level firewalls/routers for information on opening this port. Use instead.

Problem: The account is inactive.

Resolution: Contact our GB Network support via the helpdesk. Thank You :)

Updated on: 20/06/2022

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