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Configure Zoho Mail Plugin for WordPress

Configure Zoho Mail Plugin for WordPress

log in to your WordPress account and navigate to Plugins > Add New section.

Search Zoho Mail using Search Bar and click Install Now, then Activate.

After installing the plugin, the Zoho Mail plugin tab will appear on the left menu. Navigate to Zoho Mail and click Configure Account.

Copy the Authorized Redirect URI provided on that page.

Log in to your Zoho Mail account and access Zoho Mail Developer Console
Choose a Client Type, Server-based Applications by clicking Create Now.

Provide Client Name, Homepage URL along with the Authorized redirect URI copied from your WordPress account. (Refer to step 4) Then, click Create.

The Client ID and Client Secret will be prompted.

Go to Zoho Mail Configuration in WordPress and enter the obtained Client ID, Client Secret, From Email Address (Zoho Mail Email Address), and From Name.
Click Authorize.

Click Accept.

You will see the Access Granted message on top of the page.

Once the authentication process is done, Zoho Mail Plugin will be able to send emails from your website using Zoho Mail.

Updated on: 22/06/2022

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