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How about Linux VPS security level ?

Linux VPS security level

When it comes to security, no operating system is a hundred percent secure, and thereby GNU/Linux is no exception at all.
However, security in GNU/Linux is far above the security of a Windows installation. This is due to the way how user’s account privileges are assigned and managed.
On Windows generally, an administrator access is given to users by default, which means they have access to everything on the system, even to the most crucial parts.
While on the other hand, on Linux, users don’t normally have such administrator (root) access by default.
So, what this means is even if a Linux VPS is compromised, the intruder or the attacking application will not have ‘administrator’ (root) access, so it can’t do extensive system-wide damage, but instead, it will only affect the user’s local files and programs.
So, it is a big difference between a minor security issue in some user’s home directory (most likely fault to the user itself) and a major, catastrophic security breach to the entire system.

Updated on: 21/06/2022

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