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What is VPS Hosting?

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting is a Virtual Private Server, and is a virtualized server.
A VPS hosting environment mimics a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment.
It is technically both shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

VPS Hosting is one of several types of web hosting accounts you can choose from to host your website online.
To have a website on the internet, you need to have your website files on a web server.
Setting up and managing a server can not only be expensive, but difficult too.
Purchasing web hosting allows someone to rent space on a web server, making it easier for the average person to host a website online because all they need to do is upload their site files (no server setup is needed on their part).

All three of these hosting account types are similar in the fact that they all give you a web server to run your website on.
They vary in how they are set up, the features they offer, and the level of customization you can have with each one.

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Updated on: 21/06/2022

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