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How to announce my IP Address?

How to announce my IP Address?

GB Network Solutions runs our own network under AS Number AS132372, we have the ability to announce our client's owned or leased IP address space.

Since announcing your IP address space does take additional time, maintenance, and resources, GB Network Solutions charges the following fees for announcing space. We require a letter of authorization and all space should have the appropriate IRR objects entered (ROA) and an RPKI.

IPv4 IP Addresses Announcement Fees
Setup fee: RM250/Onetime($50/Onetime)
Management Fee Price: RM50/month per /24 subnet($10/month per /24 subnet)
IPv6 IP Addresses Announcement Fees
Setup fee: RM250/Onetime($50/Onetime)
Management Fee Price: RM25/month per /32 subnet($5/month per /32 subnet)
BGP Session Fees
Ranges from RM250($50) setup fee & RM180/month($35/month) to RM0($0) setup fee and RM50/month($10/month) depending on contract length. Certain colocation plans have BGP session fees waived. Please consult your individual colocation contract or account manager for details.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you announce space without a ROA or RPKI?
If the IP space you have us announce under our ASN does not have the appropriate RPKI or IRR objects, it will be automatically filtered and not announced. The same for any space you attempt to announce under your own ASN. RPKI and IRR objects are absolutely mandatory for any announcement.

Can I use my own ASN?
Yes, but only if you have a BGP session. If you are not initiating a BGP session with us, we cannot announce under your ASN and the IP addresses will be announced under our ASN instead. We can utilize aN ASN from the private space if you do not own an ASN, but again, you will need to order a BGP session.

Do I have to pay the IPv4 or IPv6 Space announcement fees if we have a BGP Session?
No, as long as you are taking care of the advertising of said space, you do not need to pay the IPv4 or IPv6 space fees.

Do you filter the space I announce to you via BGP?
Of course, our filters are set up to ensure you only announce IP address space you are authorized to announce. Not doing so would be very irresponsible on our part.

Why are the fees for announcing IPv6 significantly lower than IPv4?
GB Network Solutions recognizes that IPv6 is the next generation IP address protocol for the Internet. With the depletion of IPv4, it is extremely important to switch to IPv6. We do our part for the Internet community as a whole by making IPv6 more economically viable to deploy by subsidizing these fees.

I am renting space from a third party, can I advertise the space?
Yes, we require a LoA (letter of authorization) on company letterhead from both your company and the company you are leasing the space from. The information in the letter must match the information provided by APNIC in the whois database, and we must be able to authenticate said request.

Regardless of if you are the owner or the leaser of the IP space, we will contact the Point of Contact (POC) that is on file with APNIC or the LIR having authority over the IP space to confirm the IP address announcement authorization. We will not begin the announcement process until authorization has been obtained from the address on file. Please ensure the POC is currently up-to-date before requesting an IP address announcement from GB Network Solutions.

What is the minimum IPv4 prefix you can advertise?
The minimum prefix we can advertise for IPv4 is /24.

What is the minimum IPv6 prefix you can advertise?
The minimum prefix we can advertise for IPv6 is /48.

How long does it take to remove the IP address advertisement from your network if needed?
We can stop announcing IP address within 1 business day on request.

What plans are eligible to have this service?
Dedicated servers and colocation customers can request the advertisement for their own IP space. Just open a ticket with our billing department.

Can you announce non-APNIC space?
Yes, but you may be violating your local internet registry's terms of services by doing so, especially without good reason. We cannot provide legal or contract advice, it is best to contact your LIR directly for questions regarding announcing non-APNIC space in Asia Pacific.

How are the total setup and monthly fees calculated?
We calculate the setup and monthly fees per category and per request.
You request us to announce 1x /24 IP prefixes, the setup fee is RM250 and recurring cost is RM50/month (RM50/month x 1 /24 subnets).
You request us to announce 1x /24 IP prefixes and a week later, request an additional /24 IP prefix, your total setup fees would be RM500 (RM250 for the first request, RM250 for the second), the recurring cost would be RM100/month (RM50/month x 2 /24 subnets).

I am a newbie and have no idea how to set up BGP, but I think I need it. Will you help me?
No, managing BGP is not for beginners but an experienced network administrator with proper experience and training. If you do not know how to set up a BGP session and manage it yourself, you do not need it. Working with BGP has serious implications for the Internet has a whole, and under no circumstances should run a BGP session be attempted by an inexperienced individual. We recommend hiring a professional to do it for you (be prepared to dish out, RM900 per hour minimum). If you have your own IP address space, we can announce it for you instead.

How do I order?
You can order our different IP address announcement services here. You will then need to open a ticket, providing us with a valid, verifiable LOA (letter of authorization).

Will you provide me the full internet table or only a default route?
We can provide either a default route, a limited table consisting of our local network, peers, and customers without transit routes, or the full routing table. By default, we will provide a default route. If you specifically ask for a full internet table, we will provide it free of charge. However, if you change the type of route you are receiving after the setup process, we will charge you a one-time fee of RM250.

If you announce my IP addresses for me instead of subscribing to a BGP session, can you make specific routing policies for my IP address space?
No, if you need a specific routing policy, you will need your own router capable of receiving the full internet routing table. We are unable to make changes to our routing policies due to the time, maintenance involved.

Can I order the BGP session and use it remotely (off network)?
No, in order to utilize our BGP session services, you must have an active local service with us. We will only peer with IP addresses that are assigned to services with GB Network Solutions.

Can you route the IP addresses I have announced with GB Network Solutions to the IP address assigned on my dedicated server/VPS ethernet interface? Or can you create a vlan for my IP address space?
Yes, we can set up your space however you will like during the initial configuration. Please be sure to specify, or we will put you on a vlan by default. If you require a change to your setup after the initial configuration, you will be charged a RM250 fee to cover the cost of labor involved with making the necessary changes (network engineers are expensive!). BGP sessions utilize next-hop and will not be placed on a vlan.

Why do you charge an ongoing fee for announcing my space or BGP session?
Routers are one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in our data center, not to mention very power hungry. If you are using the resources of these expensive machines, it is only fair that the costs associated with operating them be passed on to you and not other customers that might not require these advanced services.

Updated on: 21/06/2022

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