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How to optimize and boost your MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Terminal ?

How to optimize and boost your MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Terminal?

We are going to show you useful tips to optimize your MetaTrader 4 platform so it will use less computing resources - memory (RAM) and CPU.
As a result, you will receive better MT4 performance and will be able to use more MT4 simultaneously on your VPS.
This guide assumes that you are not trading manually on VPS as we will turn off some MT4 functions which usually are not used by expert advisors (EAs)

Ok, let's start with our MT4 optimization

Start your MetaTrader 4 Terminal - Go to Tools → Options.

Go to the Server tab and uncheck Enable News.

Go to the Charts tab and uncheck all the shown boxes.

Set Max bars in chart to 1000 for both variables.
The location of variables is shown at the bottom of the picture.
This function reduces the amount of data displayed on the charts and in the history, which will help to speed up the program considerably.
You won’t be watching your charts on VPS, so you don’t need those functions.

In this picture, you can see how the Chart's table should look after the changes

According to the broker research that we have made, most of them recommend removing the MarketWatch table (if you dont use it), because it generates huge traffic on their servers and make your transactions slower. In the picture below you can see how to hide the MarketWatch table.

Close and Reopen your terminal in order for the changes to take effect.

Updated on: 21/06/2022

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