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How to Optimize Multiple MT4 in VPS?

Slow MT4 or Freeze always happened among Trader in VPS, especially when running multiple MT4. However, here is the tricks you might solve your problem, so you are able to run multiple MT4 smoothly.. This guideline will show you to improve MT4 performance and how to make sure your Expert Advisors and indicators are not suffering from unnecessary delay.

Open your Windows and on the taskbar, right click. Then choose Task Manager

As you can see in figure below, you need to switch to the Details Tab and you will find terminal.exe in the process list. This is all your MT4 running and need to do is to set each of them to use with same CPU core at the next step.

On this step, you need to choose one of your terminal.exe and right click and then choose Set Affinity.

In the Processor Affinity window you need to deselect all CPU cores and select only CPU0 like in the picture below then click OK

If you have multiple MT4 you need to assign all the terminal.exe to use CPU 0 and repeat step 3 to 4.

IMPORTANT : If you leave one terminal.exe process using more than one CPU, this trick will not work. It’s very important to have all terminal.exe‘s to use the same and only one CPU

Updated on: 21/06/2022

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