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How to Transfer MT4 Data from PC to Forex VPS

If you have profiles, templates, expert advisors saved on your current PC / Laptop, you need to transfer the data to Windows Forex VPS. In order to do that, kindly follow the steps below

Open your current MT4 from your PC, navigate to File at the upper left and then select Open Data Folder.

Select and right-click the MQL4, profiles and templates folder by right-clicking on the folder yang select Copy. This needs to be done for every folder that you want to copy.

Access to your Windows Forex VPS via Remote Desktop. You can go here on how to access the VPS

On your VPS, open Google Chrome and download the latest version of your MT4 broker. We use the Juno Market broker as an example.

After MT4 has been installed on your VPS, open the terminal application.

Navigate to File at the upper left and then select Open Data Folder.

Based on step 2, right-click and then select Paste to replace the 3 folders. The data files that have been copied from your PC will be transferred to your VPS.

Close MT4 and then reopen it. Everything that you restored should be on the platform now.

Updated on: 20/06/2022

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