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How to Upgrade Web Hosting Plan?

Here is a guide on how to upgrade your web hosing plan through Client Area :

Login to Client Area page by click this link :

Click on service .

Click on your hosting Product/Service.

Under the Actions , click on Upgrade/Downgrade.

Choose the product you wish to upgrade. After that, click on Choose Product button.

Next, you can choose your payment method and click on continue button to proceed.

After that, you will receive an invoice for your purchased product/service. The payment for the invoice will be made here. You can choose to either print or download it before click on Back to Client Area.

Following that, the status will change from unpaid to paid.

Now your upgrade has been completed. You can verify by login to cPanel.
Click on Home tab.
Click on Login to cPanel.
Verify by checking disk usage and bandwidth.

To continue the upgrading process for the NVMe package, please open a ticket to our technical team for further instructions as it requires migrating your hosting to an NVMe storage server. You can proceed by clicking on the following link:

Updated on: 08/10/2023

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