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Redirect Webmail to Load Over SSL (Smartermail)

Firstly, enter your mail server via Remote Desktop Connection.
To redirect webmail and load over HTTPS, we need to set it up from Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. Use Windows search tools to enter IIS Manager.

Next, enter SmarterMail Homepage and click SSL Settings.

Tick on Require SSL checkbox.

Please note that this action will cause the webmail to have 403 error, this is because the link is still leads to non-https URL, and we will redirect the link to HTTPS URL in the next step (step 5).

Go back to the SmarterMail Homepage and click Error Pages.

Choose the error that the page is responding. In this case, error 403 is occurring. Then click Edit.

Check Respond with a 302 redirect and enter full webmail link with the HTTPS.

Lastly, clear your browser cache and retry to access the webmail to avoid loading the cached content. You may use different browseR.

Updated on: 21/06/2022

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