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What is SpamExperts ?

What is SpamExperts ?
SpamExperts provides advanced filtering and algorithms and spam pattern detection to eliminate 99.98% of all inbound, unsolicited bulk email. You will save time, eliminate wasted disk space and protect your hosting service from junk email and email threats.
SpamExperts works on all email accounts for each domain you select.
Simply select the domains you want to protect.
We'll automatically set up the necessary changes to route all of your inbound email to go through the SpamExperts email filtering system before it reaches your hosting service.
While SpamExperts works at the domain level, you may also set up rules for individual email addresses.
When someone sends an email to a domain that uses SpamExperts, the email goes initially to the SpamExperts mail server.
From there, the message is filtered and any that are marked as spam are discarded or quarantined based on the user's settings.

Updated on: 21/06/2022

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