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Can't connect to the remote computer?

The remote desktop connection can't connect to the remote computer.
You may receive an error like the following when connecting to your Windows VPS

This error usually indicates that the VPS is offline. If the VPS is new, wait 3-5 minutes and try again. If you had previously connected to the VPS, wait and try again, as the error may be related to a temporary network issue.

If you cannot connect after 3-5 minutes, try to ping your VPS. If the ping is returned as unreachable or timed out, please contact our GB Network Solutions support, or you can Open a Ticket for technical problems here.
We will ensure that the VPS is online and assist you with connecting to RDP.

If the ping is returned successfully, there is most likely a local security setting on your PC preventing the connection. Try the following solutions:

Allow Remote Desktop (RDP) connections through Windows Firewall explicitly, or disable Windows Firewall temporarily.
Open Remote Desktop Connection, click Show Options, and check the Security tab. Allow the most permissive settings.

Updated on: 21/06/2022

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