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How to Connect with RDP from Chrome or ChromeOS ?

Connect to Remote Desktop (RDP) in Chrome or Chrome OS

This guide covers how to connect to a remote desktop using RDP in Chrome and Chrome OS devices like Chromebooks. This is a very useful method for connecting to Windows servers and Windows VPS instances.

Download the app** Chrome RDP** from the Chrome app store. After installation, it will be available on your Chrome launch screen and App Launcher. Open Chrome RDP.

In remote Windows server or Windows VPS must generate the code. Click Generate Code

Then the screen will display the code then copy the code.

In another desktop insert the code to remote Windows VPS or Windows Server. Click Connect

In Windows VPS or Windows server will ask permission first to see and control the computer. Click Share.

That’s it! Chrome RDP will open the remote desktop session directly in Chrome. You can control the remote Windows server exactly like a local PC.

If you experience any trouble with this process, or would like assistance connecting to a Windows server or Windows VPS, please don’t hesitate to contact our GB Network Solutions Technical Support team :)

Updated on: 21/06/2022

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