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How to install .Net Framework 3.5?

To install Framework you must go to RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) first you can go here to access RDC

In services, scroll down and choose Window Remote Manager.

Then click Properties to enable the status.

In status, choose automatic. Then click Next.

To start the WinRM click Start then click Apply.

Next you click server manager, then click Manage, after that you click Add Roles and Features to install the Framework.

After that, Add Roles and Features Wizard will be pop up. Then you click Next to proceed the installation.

In Installation Type make sure tick the Role-based or features-based installation. Then, click Next.

In Server Selection, make sure tick Select a server from the server pool. Then server pool will display the Name, IP Address and Operating system. Click Next to proceed the installation.

In Server Roles, select server you want to install if the roles you want to skip just click Next.

In Features, Check Net Framework 3.5 Features you can choose features you like it. Then click Next.

In Confirmation section click Install.

The installation will start the progress, you wait until installation finish.

Click Flag to see the installation succeeded.

Updated on: 21/06/2022

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