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How to Connect with RDP from Linux?

How to use rdesktop for RDP (Ubuntu/CentOS Linux)?

Remote desktop protocol (RDP) is supported by a few Linux applications, the most popular being rdesktop.
It is available for most Linux distributions, and for that reason we will demonstrate its usage below.

The Linux server show below is a Ubuntu server with GNOME desktop, but the same process should work with CentOS, Fedora, Mint, Debian, and other Linux distributions, taking care to use the distribution’s native package installer to install rdesktop.

How to Connect

Open a local terminal (command prompt) session.
For CentOS/Fedora, run yum install rdesktop.
For Ubuntu/Debian, run apt-get install rdesktop.
The program should be located and installed along with dependencies.

Next, use the rdesktop command to open a remote desktop session. Then, insert Username and IP address. After that, click yes to trust certificated.

A new window will open with the remote Windows GUI. You should log in with the Windows system’s password.

We're done ! Enjoy using your Windows remote desktop.

If you experience any trouble with this process, or would like assistance connecting to a Windows server or Windows VPS, please don’t hesitate to contact our GB Network Solutions Technical Support team :)

Updated on: 21/06/2022

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