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How to Remotely Connect to VPS (RDC) on Windows 10?

Microsoft Remote Desktop is an application used to remotely connect to a Windows - based VPS or Dedicated Server.

For users that are using Windows 10, below are the steps to remotely connect to the server

Click on the Windows button on your Desktop, search remote desktop connection. Next, click on the application to open it.

After you have open the application, you will be prompted to fill the details with the VPS you want to connect to.
In the Computer field, simply enter the VPS IP as per given in the email. And then click the Connect button.

Should an error pop up when you try to click the Connect button, you may try to contact our support for assistance via Live Chat or Ticket
If the VPS is reachable, it will next prompt you to next enter the credentials (Username and Password)

Usually the username is Administrator and for the password, you may refer to the details that we have emailed you. Then, click OK.
A window will appear upon clicking the OK button inquiring about the certificate of connecting to the VPS, simply click Yes and you will be successfully be redirected to your VPS Desktop.

To exit, simply click the X button at the blue bar on top of the VPS Desktop.

Updated on: 21/06/2022

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